A sad goodbye to Tyge

02TigePuma_zps9093116cAfter the sad passing of ‘our’ real Puma Demelza at the beginning of 2011, we transferred our sponsorship to Tyge, who was Demelza’s young companion at Shepreth Wildlife Park.

Tyge was born in captivity in a private collection, and taken on by Shepreth once he matured to prevent any complications of him breeding with related pumas. He was originally given the name Tiger, which was changed for obvious reasons.

Over the years we’ve raised hundreds for both Demelza and Tyge, purely on member donations, all of which went towards enriching his home with plants and hiding places.

Our visit to see Tyge in October 2014 would unfortunately prove to be our last, as just before Christmas we received the news that Tyge had passed away.

It was a tragic accident, they use horse tails for enrichment with all the cats, the tigers just play with theirs but Tyge was eating his (which is fine since it’s a natural food source) however 6 foot worth of horse hair had built up in his intestines and compacted them.

TygeThe pathologist and vet said there was nothing that could have been done as the extent of the compaction involved too much of the gut.

The remainder of our sponsorship will passed to Tyge’s neighbours the Lynx. We thought this was appropriate as the concept car before the Puma was code-named the Lynx.

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R.I.P Demelza

It is with great sadness that we have learned that Demelza, the real life puma that the club has been sponsoring for the last year, has passed away.

She had recently been suffering from a severe gum infection, it was decided that it would be a kindness to not wake her up from the anaesthetic.

DemelzaWe will continue to sponsor Tyge, the other puma that resides at Shepreth Wildlife Park.

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